Transformational Creative Coaching

Tressa Berman, Ph.D.

Hello Creatives, Artists, Writers, Makers,

Inter-Cultural Community-Builders of all Stripes!

Do you feel overwhelmed by too many great ideas? Have trouble starting? Or maybe you have no trouble starting something, but have trouble finishing it? Do you often feel like there is not enough time in a day? A week? A month? A year?

As Creatives, most of us have gone through times when we felt we just “can’t get to” our project. And when we don’t, not only does the project not get finished, we can end up feeling bad about ourselves for not giving it the attention it needs and deserves.

Negative emotions of self-doubt can erode the sense of worth that we know our creative projects will bring to the world, but procrastination and excuses become obstacles that block our creative out-put and leave us feeling de-energized instead of enthusiastic and clear about seeing the benefits of the work. You are not alone in these feelings. The good news is that you don’t have to be alone in breaking through them to a place of momentum and completion with the support you need to help you get there.

I can help you to organize, vision, set goals, and most of all, complete your projects so you can feel liberated, as you offer your Creativity and purpose to the world.

Imagine going from where you are to where you want to be with personal support and transformational tools that work!  Now, imagine that you keep doing things the way you have been. What would that be like?

Often we feel stalled or overwhelmed by common saboteurs like:

  • procrastination
  • anxiety
  • lack of focus
  • too many ideas
  • not sure of our greatest passion

When met with common life circumstances like “not enough time” – “when I quit my job” – “when I get a job” – “when the kids grow up” – “when I retire” – “when I get a commission or an advance” – “when I feel better about life” – then our stuck points feel overwhelming, and our confidence to achieve do-able goals suffers. We suffer.  The list of reasons not to ask for the support you need right now is long.

I would like to support you to * cause * create * catalyze * complete * !

If you are a creative spirit whose work calls you to step onto the path of transformational change, complete your projects, prioritize and meet goals, and learn new tools for creating clarity and purpose, then I would love to speak with you!


  • You have a clear vision of what you want to do.
  • You wake up every day excited about work because you know exactly what you need to work on today.
  • You feel energized because you know you are getting closer to fulfilling your dream by taking care of it – one step, one goal, one project at a time.

Is Creative Coaching for me?

Are you someone that wants to make a difference in the world using your creative genius?  Do you feel like there are always “reasons” holding you back from living your greatness? What is stopping you from doing this right now?  I would love to take you on your transformational journey with the support and guidance to help you to thrive!

What are the benefits of Creative Coaching?

Using Transformational Creative Coaching tools, I will help you to tap your inner knowledge to focus, generate and finish your creative idea or project.

  • de-clutter the mind of distraction and “mind garbage,” including fear and other forms of negative self-talk
  • strengthen confidence and clarity about what you want
  • learn new tools for shaping outcomes that you want to achieve

And best of all, work with an experienced guide and supportive mentor who can keep you on track with your goals and help you stay true to your creativity and highest self.

Let’s talk to find out how Creative Coaching can work for you. Get started today with a FREE Exploration Call!

Creativity Moves Mountains