Transformational Creative Coaching
Tressa Berman, Ph.D.

Here's what selected clients say about working with Tressa on their creative and leadership projects:

“Tressa showed me a lot of valuable tools that enhanced me as an artist and helped to me take my next steps as a gallery owner.  Her passion and sincerity are authentic and I would highly recommend taking any of her courses or trainings.  Her encouragement paired with her knowledge will enhance you as you go down the  creative path.”
– Michael Jon Morgan, Artist and Gallerist, Saint Petersburg, Florida 

“Tressa’s attention to the artist mind helped focus my vision.  As a result of doing the exercises she suggested, the work I was looking for quickly manifested.” 
– Andi Schoenbaum, Artist

“The Transformational Creative Coaching Workshop was enlightening. It was like being taken by the hand and guided step by step in the direction of fulfilling my personal vision.”
Sarah Kalvin, The WAV (Working Artists Ventura)

“Tressa’s coaching and remarkable insights provided a foundation from which I could expand and focus at the same time.  Her Breakdown to Breakthrough course guided me to an awareness of both the practical and the emotional components of creating a business.  Tressa’s style of group coaching was exceptional. It helped me to structure my process, make reasonable step by step goals, and, ultimately, allowed me to produce strategies that brought my idea into reality.”
Annie Azzariti, Arts Education Consultant (Los Angeles)

“In a short amount of time, Tressa helped me to pin-point the root of a big issue of not being motivated, not spending time in my creativity, and the solutions she offered were simple and impactful. I have a full plate of tools I can use now in the moments when I feel stuck in my emotions. This feels like a new opportunity to create a new life with new habits, to break out of toxic habits, and remember to do self-care for myself through my journey.”
 – Bibi Tarek, Healer, Coach, and Conscious Rapper (Toronto, Canada and Auckland, New Zealand)

“Sometimes it takes a deep listener and some gentle questioning to find what you are looking for. Tressa is that listener. With her well organized assistance I was able to find small pockets of resistance that were blocking my way forward.”
– Susan Hensel, Artist (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Tressa Berman, of Transformational Creative Coaching, is a heart-full, mindful, business expert that helped to guide me on my entrepreneurial journey. Tressa’s well thought out and strategic guidance was instrumental in my business planning to navigate my way forward to success from coast to coast!
– Jeannie Bloomfield, Founder, Chez Cirque Fashions, Napa, California

Tressa’s one-on-one coaching skills helped me to craft an effective message for my clients. Her guidance and feedback were tremendously valuable in shaping accessible and efficient public messaging about and for my artists and projects.
– Matt McKinley, Owner, McKinley Art Solutions, San Francisco, California

Tressa is a highly skilled advisor with fresh perspectives and keen insights. Her knowledge across many disciplines coalesced in meaningful ways in informing the strategic planning process for our enterprise.
– Heidi Swann, Founder of aSHEville Women’s Museum, Asheville, North Carolina

In addition to tailored coaching programs for your own project, group workshops and trainings enable peer-to-peer support and mindfulness-based training tools for creativity to flourish.

Here’s what participants had to say about Tressa’s Mind-Body-Writing workshops:

Tressa was great at making me feel relaxed for my first experience with meditation. It is challenging for me to calm my thoughts and quiet my mind, but I was able to do so with her instructions. The creative writing assignment after a meditation was perfect. It allowed me to take everything out of my mind and put it on paper. Thoughts that I did not even think ended up on the paper. I really enjoyed the exercise and assignments!
– Tanesha Bryan, The Station House Co-Work Space, St. Petersburg, Florida

Tressa possesses a wealth of knowledge on various methods of self-inquiry writing to help uncover the nature of our mind. With gentleness and precision, Tressa guided us through various prompts and provided space for discussing and sharing our work. It was a profound weekend full of insightful conversations and genuine connections. She is a master at creating a safe and expansive space for creativity to thrive.
Christie Rainbeau, former Program Director, Shambala Meditation CenterSt. Petersburg, Florida